GEOTHERMAL MAP OF NORTH AMERICAHi everybody!…this time I will post a geological issue on purpose because today an Ph. D Candidate called Andrés Ruzo came to my work to give us an explanation about the Geothermal sources in the world, the impact in the present and the potential that this energy represents in the near future.
One thing that caught my attention was the support that Google has been doing this job through the institution that is investing millions and millions of dollars making (renewing) the Geothermal Map of North America together with SMU Geothermal Laboratory emphasizing the potential of Enhanced Geothermal Systems.

Geothermal energy is a clean and renewable type of energy that could be a good point for the urgent needs of the world’s energy in the coming years, I don’t think that a substitute of petroleum but a good supplement maybe because requires special conditions that have developed yet but nowadays its study makes use of elements of petroleum engineering like the data of the wells through log data to size the temperature and phenomena from 2000-3000 feet below for instance.


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