Baker Hughes GeoFOR Conformable Sand Management System mitigates workover risk by reducing the chance of plugging or sand control loss caused by production cycles and reservoir or wellbore compaction.

With a smaller installation footprint and better sand filtration efficiency, the GeoFORM system covers a wider range of sand grains. Morphic shape-memory polymer (SMP) technology offers total conformance to the borehole after placement downhole.

Expansion for ultimate sealing
Morphic SMP—manufactured to a desired shape and size—is placed on the outside of the base pipe similar to conventional screens. When placed downhole, the Morphic material expands back to its original shape, restrained only by the borehole. The system adds a positive stress to the borehole wall while ensuring sand control. And, this technology can withstand compaction over time without risking sand control loss.

GeoFORM system reduces cost and risk
An Adriatic Sea operator identified a target well and zone located below several other planned production intervals. The GeoFORM system offered a better approach with a simple cost-effective sand control solution in a very challenging environment.

The target gas zone was a low-permeable, mainly shale-and-silty gas zone with close water contact. Normally, this formation would be a candidate only for a frac-pack completion; because of the close water contact that was not possible in this case. The GeoFORM system ensured minimal fluid losses and minimized the risk of exposing the fluid-sensitive formation. The activated Morphic filtration technology enabled complete conformance to the borehole, allowing for successful production without plugging.


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