gap software demoGAP Software is a multiphase oil and gas optimiser tool that models the surface gathering network of field production systems. When linked with the well models of PROSPER and reservoir models of MBAL a full field production optimisation and forecast can be achieved. GAP can model production systems containing oil, gas and condensate, in addition to gas or water injection systems.
Multi-well optimisation for artificially lifted and naturally flowing production networks:
  • Surface gathering system models with constraints
  • Looped networks
  • Gas and condensate gathering systems
  • Oil and water gathering systems
  • Injections networks
  • Compressor modelling
  • Pump modelling

Optimisation of gathering system against constraints:

  • Fast and robust Global Optimisation algorithm using non-linear programming (NLP) which has been recognised in the industry as best in class.
  • Wellhead chokes can be set, compressors and pumps optimised, and gas for gas lifted wells allocated to maximise production
  • Multiple Flowlines
  • Multiple Separators
  • Unlimited number of nodes – wells, reservoir, etc.
  • Field optimisation studies with mixed systems (ESP, GL, Naturally Flowing, PCP, Jet and Rod Pumps)
  • Optimise production forecasting

Pipeline Flow Assurance Studies

Reservoir Management

  • Models injection system performance, using MBAL or other numerical reservoir models
  • Advises on wellhead chokes settings to meet reservoir management targets

Fully Compositional from the Reservoir to the Process side
Easy to use graphical interface for drawing system network (using icons for separators, compressors, pipelines, manifolds and wells, inline chokes and reservoir tanks)


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