flushby truck for flush by servicesFlushby in other words is cleaning (pressure) well. The idea is this: if the well needs clean oil to function better, Use an «flushby unit» or «flushby truck» This unit draws on the well pump. A fair amount of oil pumped by the same unit, which also has a pump and a tank pression. The well pump is put back, and the well is working again.
Flush By services can be employed in situations where a conventional workover rig is not completely necessary or readily available to perform a required workover. A flush by unit can be deployed quicker, and setup more efficiently than a convetional workover rig.

Ultimately a significant cost savings can be realized when performing simple well interventions such as back flushing sanded wells, installation of insertable downhole pumps, fishing broken rods, changing or servicing driveheads and stuffing boxes, routine production flushes, and assisting coiled tubing services, can all be completed using a flush by service rig.

Flush by service rigs are not able to perform workovers involving the tubing string.

Flush-By Services improve well production by performing multiple downhole tasks including:

  • Fixing rod breaks and packing leaks
  • Flushing sanded-off or waxed-off wells
  • Changing pumps and drive units
  • Polish rod changes
  • Stuffing box changes
  • Well flushes, loads and circulation work
  • Various well trouble shooting


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