Gas Reservoir Engineering JHON LEE
  • Properties of Natural Gases
  • Fundamentals of Gas flow in conduits
  • Gas flow measurement
  • Gas flow in wellbores
  • Fundamentals of fluid flow in porous media
  • Pressure-transient Testing of Gas Wells
  • Deliverability Testing of Gas Wells
  • Design and Implementation os Gas-Well Tests
  • Decline-Curve Analysis for Gas Wells
  • Gas Volumes and Material-Balance Calculations
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Dranchuk and Abou-Kassem Equation of State for Calculating Gas Z Factor
  • Integral Values for the Poettmann Method for Determining Static BHP
  • Shape Factors for Various Single-Well Drainage Areas
  • Determining Pressure Derivatives
  • Well-Test Analysis and Reservoir Identification Worksheets
  • Worksheets for Well Test Design
  • GASSIM Computer Program for 2D Gas Reservoir Simulation


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