Hello to all visitors of this humble blog, this time a post with pictures of a model that plots the idea of building a pipeline.

The basics to keep in mind in the construction of a pipeline is:

1. The use of the system of measures (usually in the oil industry are English units).
2. Symbology and nomenclature for the planes crossed by the pipeline.
3. Operating conditions.
4. Gas characteristics (eg whether or not a gas with high sulfur content might increase the risk of corrosion).
5. General engineering.
6. Materials and Equipment (All logistics to carry equipment to remote areas including large helicopters and barges for river transport).
7. Specifications of plumbing lines.
8. Specifications of gas stations (pumps compression).
9. Gas demand (as a study prior to construction of the pipeline to find the balance between a continuous supply and the return on investment).
10. Determining the cost of the pipeline diameter.
11. Profile of trace and terrain features (for pressure among other considerations)

12. Altimetric profile of the trace.

Construccion de un gasoducto

Model that recreates the construction of a pipeline with major machinery and equipment



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