company man y tool pusher peruCompany man or representative an on site representative of the operating company on a well being drilling who is directly responsible for drillinf operations. The company man is either employed by the operating company or is self-employed consultant. He oversees the well drilling, orders needed supplies and services and has an office on the rig where he is on call 24 hours on a day. The company man verbally reports to the operator each morning and work with the toolpusher.

In other words, the company man is the representative of the oil company or operator on a drilling location. For land operations, the company man is responsible for operational issues on the location, including the safety and efficiency of the project. Even administrative managers are expected to respond to the direction of the company man when they are on the rigsite. Offshore, depending on the regulatory requirements, there may be an offshore installation manager, who supervises the company man on safety and vessel integrity issues, but not on operational issues.


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