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Hello good Sunday in August to all pictures in this post I want to introduce oil the work of those famous double helix helicopters known as “Chinook” (Boeing CH-47).

You see, the Chinook are known worldwide for their logistical support in military operations involving distance and high tonnage.

In oil operations are used in the installation of drilling platforms and other (pipelines, etc.) involving large-scale movement and its capacity exceeds 10 tonnes.

The post linked to the Chinook came to mind as the company I currently doing work experience is preparing the stage for the drilling of a well using just the Chinook as a transport and cargo.

A Boeing Chinook CH-47 parked in an oil lease

The Chinook are used in hostile territory where the use of road transport is almost impossible.

Un Chinook production operations in oil and gas in Alaska.

The Chinook also operates in the Peruvian jungle also makes oil logistics operations in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Burma, Ecuador, Indonesia among others.

A Chinook helicopter operating in an oil Peru location, usually in the Camisea gas operations

The Chinook helicopter came into use in the oil and gas in the 60’s.

Chinook transport operations in the rugged jungle
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Hola buen domingo de Agosto a todos, en este post de imagenes petroleras quiero presentarles la labor que realizan aquellos famosos helicópteros doble helizados conocidos como “Chinook” (Boeing CH-47).

Como verán, los Chinook son mundialmente conocidos por su apoyo logístico en operaciones militares que involucran distancia y gran tonelaje.

En las operaciones petroleras son utilizados en la instalación de plataformas de perforación y otras (oleoductos, gasoductos, etc) que involucren movimiento a gran escala ya que su capacidad de carga supera las 10 toneladas.

El post relacionado a los Chinook me vino a la mente ya que la empresa donde actualmente realizo prácticas profesionales está acondicionando el escenario para la la perforación de un pozo empleando precisamente el Chinook como medio de transporte y carga.

Un Chinook Boeing CH-47 aparcando en una locación petrolera

Los Chinook son empleados en territorios hóstiles donde el empleo de transporte terrestre es casi imposible.

Un Chinook en operaciones de producción de petróleo y gas en Alaska.

El Chinook además de operar en la selva peruana también realiza operaciones de logística petrolera en la selva de Papua New Guinea, Sudán, Burma, Ecuador, Indonesia entre otros.

Un helicóptero Chinook operando en una locación petrolera de Perú, por lo general en operaciones gasíferas de Camisea

El helicóptero Chinook empezó a emplearse en la industria del petróleo y el gas en los años 60’s.

Chinook realizando operaciones de transporte en la agreste selva

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No olvidar que Castillo, Derrick o Mástil son lo mismo y en Venezuela por lo general les denominan Taladros de Perforación.

Taladro de Perforación entre lunas.
Partes del Castillo de Perforacion
Mesa rotatoria del Mástil anterior (1)
Mesa rotatoria del Mástil anterior (2)
Otra vista del Mástil con el Rotary Bushing en primera plana (amarillo)
El Derrick en una tercera vista
Este castillo a mayor escala pero en menor detalle
Cada componente del Taladro de Perforación con su respectivo nombre


parte posterior de un balancin petrolero
Rocker back of a tanker, you can see the gas supply hose is the fuel with which these units operate in Block IX (Talara-Peru) which is obtained from the same fields, free of water and circulated most of these rockers for its operation. We can also appreciate a pointer (similar to a car), the belt speed as well as part of the cooling system (rectangular box), the operating system of these rockers is very similar to the mechanical operation of an automobile. These units ARROW brand.

The Rocker (horse) observed in its entirety. You can see the Crank, Counterweight (ambs formed as a hammer-green) and Geared (green part too) and Pittman arm (attached to Crank by Crank) that is connected by an equalizer which in the Balance turn ends at the Head of Mula.

UNIPETRO operator placing the gauge for measuring pressure in the well. The yellow line is that which is produced by gas and green petroleum.

We made the previous operation in a night.

Another image of a pressure measuring night about 11 pm. You can see the wellhead which differ in turn the casing and tubing, the tubing is obviously smaller diameter pipe for the flow of outgoing oil production, there are two outgoing lines, the lower corresponds to the production gas while it is low in these areas is sufficient to operate the “horses” in this block.


carros sismicos
Trucks used in a seismic survey in the urban area of the DFW Airport neiborhood U.S.

gas flare flaring quemador de gas
Gas Flaring or burning gas commonly performed as part of Well Testing

Arbol de navidad petrolero Christmas tree
Once drilling is completed, the wellhead and flow control equipment are installed at the top of the well. The control equipment consists of output and safety valves that regulate the flow of oil. This team is often called “Christmas Tree” or “Christmas Tree Oil”

Tuberias de gas natural
Valve inspection of production of Natural Gas to ensure the safety of gas flow and prevent leaks.

Perforacion petrolera en la ciudad
This stunning photograph-the one I liked, shows a drilling operation in the heart of an urban area in USA. If the target is found under the buildings, horizontal drilling would most likely be the solution.

perforacion petrolera a principios de siglo
Drilling carried out massively in the early twentieth century in the U.S. when the industry began and the environmental issue was not yet subject to question.

simulacion sismica
Evaluation of a seismic model

Gas production is monitored by modern remote rangefinders that measure various parameters such as flow produced per day.