Some time ago I posted an issue about the lifestyle of working at Saudi Aramco. In this case I will post about the opportunity of getting development our careers in one of the most popular and more powerful services oil companies of our planet, Schlumberger. The next abstract was extracted from

«At Schlumberger, we take on some of the most complex technical and engineering challenges in the industry. From day one, we immerse our people in a culture built on innovation, teamwork and true global thinking. We offer you the training, support and opportunities to enable you to take your talents even further than you ever thought possible.

It takes dedication. Every person in Schlumberger is committed to delivering the best possible performance—anytime, anywhere. It is challenging. Our cutting-edge technology is tested in the most extreme conditions on earth—from arctic, to desert, to more than five miles beneath the ocean floor. You’ll be tested as well—from day one.

It is rewarding. We promote from within and reward people based on performance. The rewards don’t end there. It is exciting. No two careers are alike and you can expect every day to be different. It is stimulating. You will be surrounded by exceptional thinkers and have access to technologies that most people only read about.

The work is academically rigorous, intellectually demanding, and can be physically tough, but the rewards we offer reflect fully the commitment we require»


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