Standard Specification for Ductile Iron Castings

2. Referenced Documents
2.1 ASTM Standards:

A 370 Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products2
A 644 Terminology Relating to Iron Castings3
A 732/A 732M Specification for Castings, Investment, Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel for General Application, and Cobalt Alloy for High Strength at Elevated Temperatures3
E 8 Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials4 2.2 Military Standard:
MIL-STD-129 Marking for Shipment and Storages

3. Ordering Information
3.1 Orders for material to this specification shall include the following information:
3.1.1 ASTM designation,
3.1.2 Grade of ductile iron required (see Table 1, and Sections 4 and 9),


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