Standard Specification for Steel Castings, Austenitic Manganese

3. General Conditions for Delivery

3.1 Material furnished to this specification shall conform to the requirements of Specification A 781/A 781M, including any supplementary requirements that are indicated in the purchase order. Failure to comply with the general require-ments of Specification A 781/A 781M constitutes nonconfor-mance with this specification. In case of conflict between the requirements of this specification and Specification A 781/ A 781M, this specification shall prevail.

5. Heat Treatment
5.1 The castings shall be suitably heat treated to achieve toughness and ductility. This heat treatment shall consist of uniformly heating the castings to a temperature applicable for grade of steel produced, at least 1800°F [1000°C], and holding until the temperature is uniform throughout and quenching in an applicable medium, normally water.


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