* Minimum performance properties of casing
* OD casing, nominal weight, threading and casing couplings
* Grade and thickness of casing, casing inner diameter
* OD casing coupling, special diameter (clearance) of coupling, drift diameter
* Resistance diameter collapse
* Breaking strength of casing
* Resistance casing internal pressure: Extreme line, round thread, regular coupling, coupling clearance, buttress thread, extrme line.
* Minimum collapse under axial load resistance (resistance minimum axial load collapse): Grades 40, J-55 k-55, C-75, L-80, N-80, C-90, C-95, HC-95 , p-110, Q-125, V-150
* Dimensions, weights and tolerances (dimensional weights and tolerances): Round-coupling thread casing, buttress-thread casing.
* Extreme-line casing API size and lenght of upset
* Gross footage from net linear footage, API casing thread Shorthair
* Factors weight of oil, water and mud
* Safety factors for strings of casing.
* Joint-Strength Factors safety
* Minimum performance properties of tubing
* External-upset tubing coopling dimensions, weights and tolerances
* Gross footage from net linear footage, API Tubing

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