Here you see a typical water will cross section with the airshock system ready for use. The airshock system consists of one or more high pressure standard nitrogen bottles with gas underpressure up to 3000 psi, a control panel, a standard high pressure hose reel with the hose connected to achieve above the well. At the far end of the whole is the yearshaq imports generator ANG. The ANG fits into the well by relaying the high-pressure hose down to the well screen.

The system is activated by opening the valve on the control panel, gas flows from the high-pressure bottle through the hose into the ANG which then begins firing automatically add a frecuency of one polls birth three to four seconds. The gas bursts out and creates a shockwave with oscillating gas bubbles. In a closer view you can see two main chambers in the ANG; gas is fed into the upper chamber resulting in a rise in pressure in this chamber and increasing force acting downwards on the piston separating the cahmbers.

A continued supply of compressed gas causes the gas to flow to the lower chamber through the piston passage, the resulting force applied on the piston causes it to be thrust upwards with instantaneous opening of the discharge ports. The discharge ports are out of the forty five degree angle relative to the tall axes so the deposits are undercut rather than pushed back into the gravel pack. The angle also causes the pressure to drop immediately beneath the discharge ports resulting in a strong liquid return caring the debris from the gravel and akward for into the well.

By firing the poll says that short intervals airshock treats every inch of the well removing mineral build-up and biomass accumulations.


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