Balancin petrolero MECHANICAL PUMP

• System design relatively simple.
• Units can be changed to other wells at a minimum cost.
• Efficient, simple and easy to be operated.
• Applicable for slim hole (small diameter wells) and multiple completions.
• It can pump a well at very low pressure (depending on depth and flow)
• The system is naturally vented for gas separation and fluid level surveys.
• Analyze
• You can raise high oil viscosity and temperature.
• You can use gas or electricity as a source of power.
• Suitable for pump-off control
• Dsiponible in different sizes depending on the amount of lift.


• You can pick up large volumes at high depths (500 bpd to 15 ft for example). Allows up to 18 000 ft.
• presents few problems in deviated wells.
• Your power supply can be installed remotely.
• You can also use gas or electricity as a source of power.
• Can pump medium pressure wells
• Suitable for multiple completions
• Suitable for offshore

Electrosumergible pumping

• You can raise huge volumes (20 000 bpd from shallow wells. Commonly up + / -120,000 bpd of water wells in the Middle East with 600HP units)
• Easy to operate.
• Easy to install a bottom pressure sensor for pressure via telemetry cable.
• No problem in deviated wells.
• Also suitable for offshore.
• Available in different sizes.
• Rising cost for high volume generally low.


• Handles high-volume wells in high production rate (Gas lift continued) (50 000 bpd).
• Fairly flexible. Can be converted from continuous to intermittent.
• Your power supply can be remotely located.
• Rising gas wells does not present major problems.
• Wells diverted no problems except to remove and operate valves and wireline.
• Also suitable for offshore.


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